Hi, my name is Lyndel "Lyn" Ford. I was born  in Amoret, Mo in 1943 the 3rd of 4 children,  Amoret was a small Missouri border town population 350. We moved to Kansas City, Mo. when I was three yrs. old. I remember my father coming home after serving in WW2. My father was a fiddle footed alcoholic and moved us from Missouri to Kansas to Washington State and back again several times during my 18 years at home. Because of his alcoholism Dad was like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, murderously mean and abusive to mother and children at times, unable to hold a job for very long. For the first 13 years of my life the family was seldom sheltered, clothed or fed well. Mother was 14 when she married dad, she was a 5'1 3/4" tall and weighed 90lbs when very wet, a sweet natured woman. In 1957 we moved for the second time to Washington State where my 1 yr older brother Larry and I were removed from school, I was 13  and Larry 14, to work in the fields and orchards around Yakima. For the next three years Larry and I worked at jobs contracted for by our father, we did not receive one dime of our wages which were collected by Dad. Larry and I worked in the evening for personal spending money. In 1960 when I was 16  we moved back to Wichita, Kansas where I worked and received my own wages. Things became even worse at home, father was drinking more and his treatment of mother and the three of us kids still at home would have landed him in prison in another time. In 1962 when I  became 18 and did not need dads permission I joined the Navy, I served as a Air Dept. Petty Officer on an Aircraft Carrier during the early Viet Nam Era. Life was good, great food, warm bed, a job with air craft. I was honorably discharged in 1965 and moved to Portland, Or. where I had never been before. I immediately found work as a Boiler Maker, In 1968 I married Marilyn, a wonderful woman with 3 children, Debra, Delbert, and Linda, my son Lyndel Jr. was born 14 months later. We also had 2 foster children for a while.


My wife and I purchased a house in Troutdale Or. and were living the working class American dream, job, home, kids, friends, recreation, all with but seldom a thought of GOD. Like most people we thought we did more good than bad and that GOD was as happy with us as with anyone. Soon my wife made friends with a couple of Christians ladies in the neighborhood and was showing an unusual interest in Religious stuff, I was getting nervous. Jim Webber had  been hired at the shop I was working at and was making no small stir with his religious conversations at break and lunch time. I told him my wife problems that had by then escalated to Bible buying and Church attendance. My new friend Jim advised that I invite him to a nice venison dinner and he would fix it, I did. My open air preacher friend Jim and I were working swing shift and long story short the venison dinner turned into a daily Bible Study that some how had me participating. The Holy Spirit brought me to my knees and I was born again on January 15, 1975. I was discipled into intense Bible study, prayer, and  Christian fellowship, my life happily has never been the same. I was called as a man with a family and a job to open air ministry and since have ministered the Word of GOD by The HOLY SPIRIT with Christian shirts, signs and banners at public events to include College Campus, music concerts, public festivals and rallies of every kind imaginable, where ever people congregate. I live in Seattle but minister where and when I want. 

          I have over the last 35 years while ministering open air attended and worked in many Church's and have learned or shared something positive in most of them. I believe the redeemed of the LORD are to be found in all Bible based Assembly's and to restrict one's self to a particular "denomination" can be a mistake that limits your ability to know and love and participate in The BODY of CHRIST as GOD intended. You will spend Eternity in fellowship with these wonderful brothers and sisters, for CHRISTS sake get started now! Attitude Attitude Attitude! Without a proper Attitude you will cause more harm to the cause of CHRIST than the average heathen ever could. Remember with the right Attitude you only need Bible knowledge and a desire to see people saved and grow in the grace and knowledge of The LORD JESUS CHRIST to be a open air minister. Be wise, encourage don't discourage, know the group you are ministering to and preach accordingly, do not be a respecter of persons. Get out of the pew, put shoe leather into your faith, go on your own dime and schedule. Ask questions and learn from established Bible based street ministers. Be blessed, be filled, be encouraged ,   Lyn Ford.                          

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