Name & Back Ground: Michael Cooper my wife of 20 years is named Lily. I am a father of three kids. I was born on 11/10/70 100% gypsy ( rom ) my first home church was an Assemblies of God church in Evansville IND one day a visiting Evangelist told my father that he seen a vision of me preaching to a great crowed of people and said one day I would be a preacher I was about five years old at the time about six months later a visiting Missionarie told us he seen a vision and it was the same as what the Evangelist seen 6 months before. At age 6 I grabbed my dad’s bible and on the way out of the house my mom asked me where you going son? I said street preaching that day a young boy on my street got saved. At age 18 I preached in a church for the first time. I fell away from the Lord more times then I care to say from 1998 till 2008 then one day I was given a CD from Ray Comfort called Hells best kept secret and I never looked at my walk the same from that day on.


Ministry: I been blessed with a radio show on am1230 on Wednesdays at 9:00 Pm I Love open air preaching and sign ministry one to one way of the master type ministry. I have been blessed to preach in most major cities I have preached to the poor to the rich & famous to gangs to bikers to drunks to drug dealers to pimps to hookers to stripers to proud atheist to so called Christians. The great commission is what makes my heart beat. I dream of one day preaching in Romania and out side the USA  

I have been blessed to work with great men of God like Ray Comfort. Bible Jim. Ruben Israel. Jesse Morrell. Kevin Farrer


Advice: Fear God not man I am a shy person but when it comes to the Gospel I must be bold and fear no man. two ways of getting into a cold pool one way is to ease in slow one way is to dive in. If you are shy Start with tract ministry or sign ministry and work your way up or dive in by finding a busy street and preach like Jesus is coming back in 20 min. How ever you do it is on you but in the Name of Jesus get out and do it!


Isa 58:1 "Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet. Declare to my people their rebellion and to the house of Jacob their sins