One night I received a call from a guy named Kevin. He explained he had seen one of my videos when he visited a friend’s home. He wanted to know if he could get his own copy and indicated that he would like to meet me sometime. I told him I would send him the video and if he wanted to meet me I would be preaching in Las Vegas and then I would travel to Los Angeles to preach at UCLA and a number of other colleges in the area. I told him he was more than welcome to join me. He said he would love to do that.

Actually, I hated going to Las Vegas — “Sin City” — but felt they needed to hear what I had to say about Jesus. Now Las Vegas is split into two areas: the strip and the old city strip. The old city strip is a good place to go because plenty of people are always there and we are free to preach the gospel. But the main strip, where most of the people are, is where we always ran into problems with security and the police. The casinos own the property up to and including the street curbs. So whenever we were down there, the security came out and moved us away from their casino. Anytime I went to Las Vegas I wanted to get out of there as soon as I could after preaching.

I met Kevin Farrer in Las Vegas at Circus Circus. We had rooms close to the top so we could look out and see most of the strip. It was quite something to see at night.
Kevin brought a young friend with him. I met them in their room and said, “Well, are you guys ready to go out and hit the strip?” They said, “Sure, but we want to pray first.” The way they said that caused me some concern.

Just before we all began praying I asked, “How long do you guys plan to pray before we go out preaching?”Kevin said, “Oh, three or four hours.”Now Kevin looked like the all-American boy. He seemed to always have a big wonderful smile on his face, so it was kind of hard for me to tell him that I could not be a part of the three or four hour prayer meeting. I told them that they should go ahead and pray and to come down to the pool area to get me when they were finished. Then we would go out and preach. I said, “But right now I feel called to my hot tub ministry.”

Now some may question the effectiveness of my hot tub and sauna ministry but let me assure you it has been most productive. It wasn’t long before I converted Kevin to the benefits of the advanced Christianity hot tub ministry. I have many stories I could tell of it. You have a captive audience in a sauna or hot tub. It’s like having a little Bible study group.

One time I was in a hot tub with Kevin and some guy who was a Vietnam vet. He started talking about how the government had ripped him off. He had no idea that Kevin and I knew one another, so when I started talking about how terrible things were in the world, this depressed the vet even more. I just went on and on. Then I asked him what he thought the answer was to all the problems of the world. He admitted that things were so bad that he had no answer. I turned to Kevin and said, “Now you have been sitting here the whole time and have not even said one word. Now let me ask you: What do you think the answer is?” With his big smile, Kevin offered Jesus as the answer to problems of the world and then started talking of Jesus. I said, “If you guys are going to talk about religion I am out of here.” I left the hot tub so Kevin could have personal time with the guy. Kevin went on for over an hour, explaining to this man how Jesus had given him a new life and how he could himself know Jesus. If I remember correctly the guy was saved. This is what we call the tag-team approach of Advanced Christianity that has proven most effective over the years.

After the prayer meeting, we went to the strip to preach. Kevin did a pretty good job but I noticed a few areas where I thought I might help him. After a few days, we left Las Vegas and drove to Ruben Israel’s home in Los Angeles.
That evening we had a Bible study but Kevin and his friend did not quite seem up to our method of study. At 3:00 am, they looked like the disciples must have prior to the crucifixion, sound asleep on the carpet just as Ruben and I were getting to some of our most important points.

Ruben Newsome, the guy helping me out financially, had a stroke. I no longer received money from him, so Kevin stepped up to the plate since he had a roofing company in San Francisco that was doing well. Over the years Kevin has been the main guy I could always call for financial aid. Obviously, the banners, signs, T-shirts and stuff I make for preachers around the world all cost money. Since I don’t charge money for them, they can get quite expensive. Kevin has never failed to supply the financial help when supplies were needed.

It has always been no-questions-asked giving, no accountability and complete trust in me. Of course, only a blind, deaf and dumb person could not see what was being done with the money Kevin gave. Nonetheless, his attitude reflected that of Jesus as far as I am concerned. Kevin and I became close friends, and started traveling around the country preaching together.While traveling through Europe, Kevin was approached by a guy in England who said he had seen Kevin preaching two weeks before in front of a theater in San Jose, California. That overjoyed Kevin. Then we were preaching at a Pink Floyd concert and a guy came up to us and said he saw me preaching in Hong Kong two months before. People do remember.

Europe was fruitful. Some, under conviction would start crying. The objective of correct biblical preaching is to pass through all the worldly baloney and get into someone’s heart and life with real truth. Kevin is what I would classify as a classic street preacher. He cares little of questions people ask and is not really into discussions. His primary motive is to speak the words of God. He is compelling and dogmatic, with emotions and concern. He does not play games. He does not skirt around issues and where the Bible speaks so does Kevin with a biblical passion.

As a result of Kevin and Ruben’s preaching at Mardi Gras, two young men who heard them — Frank and Jeremy — have become a couple of the best preachers in the nation. After they met Ruben and Kevin, they moved to San Francisco to work for Kevin and to minister. Ruben and I had talked many times, expressing our hope that God would raise up some mighty men of God in San Francisco, one of the most sinful cities in America. Kevin, Frank and Jeremy have made a big impact in that area. They have preached at sporting events, rock concerts, colleges, homosexual parades and much more.

For many years now, Kevin has bought a season ticket to the Oakland Raiders football games. He has a seat right behind the goalposts so that when the extra points are kicked, he raises a large “Trust Jesus” sign that is broadcast on national TV. If you only have a couple of words to say to a person and would never see them again, what would those words be? “Trust Jesus” is hard to beat since it applies to both the saved and the unsaved. So with each game that is televised, Kevin testifies to millions of people, all for the price of a season ticket.

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