There I was on the Las Vegas strip on New Year’s Eve, surrounded by 300,000 drunken, drugged-out partiers. They had come to Sin City to bring in the New Year and we were throwing cold water on their party. It’s no wonder this angry mob wanted to kill us. Because we were preaching the gospel, the crowd displayed anger and hostility that was growing into a near riot. Objects, profanities, insults and threats of violence were thrown at us. Police came on horseback and told us that we must keep moving to avoid a riot. We formed into a train of about six or eight preachers carrying tall banners that said “Trust Jesus,” “Jesus Saves from Hell,” “Only One Way to Jesus,” and so on. We snaked through the crowd preaching with bullhorns. We kept moving, but circled through the vast drunken mob. Then we heard it... Jim, the organizer of the outreach who had nearly forty years of experience in situations like this shouted out, “Leave now!” That was our agreed-upon signal to leave the area at once. The scene had become too volatile and we left to preach another day. We all made it out of there without any physical harm. On the long walk back from the Las Vegas strip, I remarked that this was the most drama I had ever encountered, but I had only been open-air preaching for one year.
Jeremy who travels around the country preaching at all kinds of events seemed relaxed and said, “Just another day at the office.”
I asked “Jim, did you ever think when you got saved way back in the sixties that it would end up like this?”
Jim replied, “Luke, I could really tell you some stories. It has been amazing, my honor and my privilege representing the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

- Luke Boozer